Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Big Ticky, No Championship Laundry

Couple quick website shout outs:
-My friend Tyler, who you can take some of the blame for getting me into this blogging BS, started blogging himself. Usually good for funny links and videos.
- Connect is a public affairs show that I work on at Newhouse. Some really good stuff up there, and we're trying to get as many hits as possible.

Now to the Celtics...

Of course Celt's fans are weepy over the fact that Kevin Garnett is most likely out for the playoffs. But I still think we will see some good basketball from the team. KG missed 27 games, this season, and the Celtics were 19-8. Of course Pierce and Allen will come to play, but I think Rondo and Big Baby will play a role in a playoff run. Will they make it to The Finals? Probably not, but would we even with pregame chest pounds?

It's one of the most overused cliches in sports, but I just don't believe the Celtics have the same hunger as last season. Last year you had three of the best players in the NBA (in their primes), all with the goal of looking to win their first championship. There is still the drive to defend your championship, but I'm not sure that's enough this season.

Also, the supporting cast isn't the same. James Posey was a monster that could lock down anyone on defense and had championship credentials. Add that with P.J. Brown, a veteran that came out of retirement at the All-Star Break for a chance at his first championship too. Do you get that same feeling about Mikey Moore and Mike Tyson's lookalike Stephon Marbury? Didn't think so.

In the end, I think it's really just Lebron's time. The Cavs have been virtually flawless at home. But even if the Celtics had the home court advantage and a healthy Kevin Garnett, I think Cleveland has the perfect pieces and chemistry to solidify King James as the NBA's biggest superstar right now. I see them in their pregame introductions, and it reminds me of when of when I watch my friends drink. They make asses of themselves and I say, "I remember what my first beer was like, grow up." When really I'm thinking, "God I wish I was in their mind state right now." I hate watching the Cavs have fun, because I know how much fun their fans are having.

Even with KG, this title defense would've been a tall task trying to beat the Cavaliers. Without him, I give them less than a 10% chance to even get to The Finals. But if by some chance they are hanging up Banner 18 next season, Kevin Garnett was right.

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