Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I've offically become a geek

To anyone that might be reading this, welcome and thanks for checking out my blog. I used to think it was nerds and tools that wrote their own blogs, but now since I'm on I know that this is true.

I'm not ceratin where this blog is going to go. For the time being its going to about the last couple of weeks at school, partying, sports, and anything else funny that happens in between. If you're reading and there's something you think I should talk about, holla at me.

Now comes the time when I will whore myself out for internet exposure. Friend me on facebook (Pat Hanlon) and follow me on Twitter (PHan115). I guess the next step into true geekdom will be when I start doing podcasts.

So take it easy, and I hope you come back soon for the next post.

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