Thursday, April 9, 2009

3 SU Stars Declare for the NBA Draft

As I said in my last post, this blog is in it's infant stages, so still trying to see what works. It's probably going to be mostly about Boston sports and my thoughts on them, but today, it's all about Syracuse hoops.

Monday night, Dickie V picked Syracuse to be number 3 team going into next season. But if the reports on the Hill today are true, the Orange will be happy to be ranked in the top 25 to start next season.

Johnny Flynn, Paul Harris, and Eric Devendorf all declared for the draft according to SU Athletics. The article on is vague, saying that Flynn has not hired an agent, leaving me to believe there's a good chance of him coming back. The article says nothing about Harris and Devo's situations, leaving me to believe they are leaning towards leaving.

The Spin

Here's my take on all three guys:

-Flynn is the stud. Watching Flynn dunk at Rutgers early this year showed me he can take the game over at anytime. He could use another year to polish his game, but certainly can't blame him if he leaves.

-Devendorf is the player everyone loves to hate, including me at times. I thought that at the begining of this year he would test the draft waters, if only because of the ACL injury from the year before. I still don't see him cracking the first round this year but with a kid now, maybe he feels it's time to start providing.

-I really feel terrible for Paul Harris. Tell me he doesn't hate David Stern more than the Peter Griffin hates Meg. He would be an NBA vetern by now, if Stern never started the 1 year of college rule. Paul works hard on the floor, but will have at least 3 brain farts a game, which leads to him getting chewed out by Boeheim. Like Devo, he also has young kids too, so maybe that's his motivation.

So to some it up, I would love to have these three guys come back for 1 more year. We'd have a stacked team and be a national championship contender. I think Flynn has the only real shot at being a first round pick. If they go out, Harris and Devendorf will probably end up in Europe.

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